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  • A Note on Hate

    I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a long-time democrat bastion.  My neighborhood is fairly diverse, and mostly liberal.  Yet as a registered Independent, broad categories such as ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ do not interest me.  I find trends, or patterns of human action, far more interesting.  One particular trend has caught fire in my community. […]

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  • The Empowerment Delusion

    Living amidst the rather controversial and somewhat nuanced third wave of feminism, women are constantly being informed and reminded about the need to be empowered.  Women need to see their self worth, know their incredible potential, and thus, feel empowered.  The irony lies in the fact that “empowerment,” which may of once held merit, has […]

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  • Are We All Just White Nationalists?

    During the GOP national convention earlier this year, This American Life reporter Zoe Chase interviewed a young delegate named Bobby from St. Cloud, Minnesota — a town with a sizable Somali immigrant population. Bobby described how St. Cloud’s white residents were concerned about the issue of “immigrant assimilation.” In this week’s TAL episode, Zoe proceeded […]