TheMirror-stacked_logo-watercolorAbout our publication

At The Mirror, we believe that women have an abundance of wisdom to contribute to  the professional and intellectual world,  in the sphere of politics, journalism, science, business, academia, and beyond. We cherish our rights to vote, to free speech and press, to religious liberty. We believe that faith and family are vital priorities, and we take those responsibilities seriously. We believe that it is not only desirable but  also necessary that all women take an active role in conversations about the challenges facing our society today. We believe in the unique power of the feminine genius to ponder, analyze, and critique the world at large and to seek out and find the good, the true, and the beautiful. The Mirror seeks to be a gathering place to discuss what it means to be an authentic woman in the modern world.

The Mirror was founded by Julie Baldwin, Joy Pullmann, and Mary C. Tillotson. Read more about us here.

All opinions expressed at The Mirror reflect those of the author. Not every woman thinks the same way, and we encourage the conversation that comes from various perspectives.


About our name

The mirror is a resting place for women. We look at ourselves, adjust our hair, fix our makeup; we get in touch with who we are as individuals and who we want to be.  The mirror is also a gathering place. It’s where we encounter other women, chatting about things both trivial and essential. It’s a place where we can let our hair down and figure out how to put it back up again, with the help of those we encounter there, where we can cry, laugh, daydream, reflect. It’s the catalyst of a shared sisterhood. It’s a little corner of the world where we hope to talk openly and sensibly with each other about ourselves, our families, our ideas, and our post-feminist world.

About our design

Logo and website designed by Margaret McCarthy of MM Creative and launched for The Mirror‘s first anniversary, July 2014. A brand and website refresh was implemented in April of 2016 to inaugurate a new editorial staff and fresh perspective for The Mirror.

How to contact us

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