Blogging as a Career Move: the Potential and the Pitfalls

Within the last decade, we have witnessed the rise and fall of blogging as a self-sustaining career. Recently, there has been a bit of a resurgence. However, due to the sheer amount (millions of posts each day) of blogs and bloggers out there writing as a full-time hustle, it takes a lot to stand out. Does this mean you should not start a blog? Absolutely not. In fact, there are several ways in which blogging can be a good career move, with notable caveats.

Blogging to Increase Exposure

Can blogging bring an employer to you? When a recruiter starts searching for qualified candidates, they don’t only look at your resume, education, and skills. They look for some proof that you’re an expert in your field, or that you a desire to be. Having an industry blog that features your thought leadership is an excellent way to demonstrate this.

Caveat- You must spend some time understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for it to make an impact. To get noticed, you have to be found. There are plenty of free resources available to help bloggers just like you boost their reach and improve SEO rankings. You will also need to spend some time researching which blogging platform to use for your site. There are free blog platforms out there, but many people choose to purchase a domain name with hosting, and install a solution such as WordPress in order to maintain better control over their blog. If you don’t have the time or expertise to set up your own site, then you’ll need to outsource this responsibility.

Blogging to Highlight Skills

A blog can show that you have excellent communication skills. These soft skills are essential in almost every job these days. It also showcases your writing skills and business acumen. It shows your unique perspective of the industry as well.

Caveat – You have to make sure that each post is a highly edited and polished example of the very best work you are capable of. This can be challenging as it is not easy to keep up the pace that high-quality blogging requires.

Blogging as an Entrepreneur

Authoring a blog for work shows that you care enough about your company and your industry to put in the time and extra effort. Your dedication towards providing fresh content for your company blog and solidifying its place within its niche, shows that you are more committed than the average employee. This could be an excellent way to move up from your current position to bigger and better things within your company.

Caveat – You may have to jump through some hoops to get the permission needed to start a blog that features your company or represents your brand. If you don’t get the go-ahead from management, there is no reason you can’t start an industry blog where you do not mention your position.

Blogging for a Career Move

Create a blog that is focused on the career and life you want, not that you have. Because being a blogger gives you an automatic entrée into writing about the industry you are interested in, you can conduct interviews with thought leaders, attend conferences, and ultimately get the attention of the major decision makers, who then may want to hire you. Being a blogger, in short, provides the credentials you need to gain access to influential parties, which other job seekers will not have.

Caveat – Becoming an industry blogger requires time and money. Until you get noticed, you will be paying for expenses out of pocket. Of course, if you are running the blog as a business, most of these expenses are tax-deductible.

One former headhunter and recruiter says that blogging is one of the better career moves you can make: “I learned a long time ago that candidates with their own blog were of a higher caliber and more likely to receive a job offer than any others I worked with.”

Jenny Holt

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