A Note on Hate

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a long-time democrat bastion.  My neighborhood is fairly diverse, and mostly liberal.  Yet as a registered Independent, broad categories such as ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ do not interest me.  I find trends, or patterns of human action, far more interesting.  One particular trend has caught fire in my community. […]

From Shakespeare to Cinderella: Feminine Virtue in the Films of Kenneth Branagh

I recently had the great pleasure of watching Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy, As You Like It. In the film, the lively heroine Rosamund wanders through the glowing, magical Forest of Arden after being banished by her evil uncle who has usurped the dukedom from her father. She wanders about disguised as a man—for […]

Fiction Run Amok

In late May, a comic book was released revealing that Captain America, the beloved Nazi-fighting Marvel superhero, has been a secret double-agent for the evil organization Hydra his whole life. For many fans, this has been a blow—Captain America has always seemed so honest, forthright, and trustworthy that having him turn out to be a […]

The Lost Knight

Once there were grand stories of knights.  These tales of courage and steadfastness laced our literary vocabulary; children grew up on the idea that knights fought for goodness against all odds.  There were inspiration and life morals embedded in these tales.  The knight’s humble heroism inspired us to be Don Quixotes, determined “To try when […]