The Unpopularity of Free Thought

  The same, repetitive conversation never fails to pervade the liberal arts major’s life, souring everything from the pastoral haze of the weekly farmer’s market to the occasional sophistication of cocktail parties.  While different characters populate this conversation, their lines are nearly identical.  Even their brows are furrowed in the same befuddled — yet often […]

“Differently Abled”: The Demise of Our Understanding of Evil

Well-meaning people today have made a conscious linguistic shift in a frightening direction. Where the word “disabled” was used before to describe someone without the ability to do something humans normally can do, such as walk, see, or think complex thoughts, the phrase “differently abled” has appeared. This is meant to be a respectful gesture, a recognition […]

Redeeming “Women’s Studies”

Originally published December, 2013.   By Mary C. Tillotson A couple weekends ago, my husband and I saw the local college’s performance of The Three Musketeers. The actors and set designers and costume-makers and everyone did a fine job, especially considering the limited resources, but I was disappointed with the play itself. The playwright had […]

Death in America

Death in America is politicized, just as our lives are. The options and choices available to the dying and their families vary not just by condition but location and legislation. We have the right to die via physician-assisted suicide in five states now, and the right to kill the unborn in all 50. When we […]