Let’s Raise the Cost of Sex

As someone who tends to people-watch, I sometimes unintentionally eavesdrop. I sometimes overhear conversations that are private about serious life situations. One such conversation I overheard recently was about a woman’s sister who was living with her boyfriend in a nice house that they co-owned. The sister has been wanting to marry for a while, […]

Invading the Man Cave

Originally published January, 2014.  My dad is in the basement as I write, grinding something that reverberates throughout the house. He and my husband are taking a week to finish as much of our ugly basement as possible. The plans are glorious: a guest room and second bathroom. But the process has so far been […]

Marriage is Hard, but Don’t Panic

By Mary C. Tillotson Originally published March, 2014.  After complaining about all the “marriage is hard” reminders I got during my engagement and rounding up two other married women to write notes of encouragement to young, frightened brides, I found myself typing an email to a college friend of mine, telling her that marriage is, […]