A Note on Hate

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a long-time democrat bastion.  My neighborhood is fairly diverse, and mostly liberal.  Yet as a registered Independent, broad categories such as ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ do not interest me.  I find trends, or patterns of human action, far more interesting.  One particular trend has caught fire in my community. […]

Free to Serve

Laura Scanlon | Mirror Columnist A friend and I were talking a while ago about Catholic schools and what a shame it is that they’re too expensive for many Catholic families.  “It’s because there aren’t enough nuns,” she pointed out.  I hadn’t thought about that before.  Schools don’t have to pay nuns nearly as much […]

Musings of a Facebook Expat

By Laura Christine This Felicitous Life I deactivated my Facebook account two years ago.  At first, the thought of getting off Facebook was terrifying.  How could I stand being so disconnected from everyone?  I hate feeling out of the loop. But I knew Facebook was feeding too many of my baser instincts to judge, to […]

Regret-less Sex

Life isn’t always what you expect, and this post I’m writing was not my initially chosen topic. Instead, I’m writing in response to a few articles I read today, and a conversation I had with one of my husband’s classmates. Today is Will’s first day of school for his Master’s program, and there was an […]