KT Brizek

KT’s experience ranges from mission work with Movmiento de Vida Cristiana in Santiago, Chile, to office management, to event planning, to serving as editor-in-chief for her college journal. She graduated from Christendom College in May 2015, where she received a B.A. in History and the Warren H. Carroll Award  for her senior thesis entitled The End of Suffering: A Study of Traditional and Post Enlightenment Concepts of Suffering’s Purpose.  KT is currently working at Program & Development Coordinator for the Thomistic Institute in Washington, DC. In her free time, KT likes to imbibe copious amounts of tea, read great books, talk incessantly and philosophize at length about pop culture.

Maria Bonvissuto

Maria is a writer with experience in journalism, communications and marketing, and editing. She served as editor-in-chief of her college journal The Rambler and graduated from Christendom College in 2015 with a B.A. in history. She has also written for Verily magazine. She currently resides and works in the great metropolis of Washington, D.C. Maria can frequently be found reading two novels simultaneously, playing guitar, indulging her coffee addiction, or dreaming about the next place in the world where she’d like to travel.

 Editors Emeritae

Joy Pullmann

Joy is managing editor of School Reform News and an education research fellow at The Heartland Institute. She is also a 2013 Robert Novak journalism fellow and contributor to the American Enterprise Institute’s Values and Capitalism blog. Her blog is at joypullmann.com. She lives with her husband and three tiny kids in Indiana.

Joy has a frighteningly full nationwide speaking schedule and has been published in outlets from National Review Online to the New York Times. In previous years, she has coached speech and debate students, taught writing, literature, and history, and managed much more complicated hair.

Follow her on Twitter @JoyPullmann.

Julie Baldwin

Julie is a managing editor at Ignitum Today, a Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative, co-founded The Bright Maidens, and freelances. An American Studies major at Hillsdale College, she reported on Ohio statehouse news and politics for the Watchdog Network before returning home to work for the family business and nanny. She has been published in outlets including The ChristophersOur Sunday Visitor and The Washington Times.

She blogs at The Corner With A View, and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their daughter.

Follow her on Twitter @thejulieview

Mary C. Tillotson

Mary is education editor for Watchdog.org and part-time ESL teacher. She has written for The Heartland Institute, Catholic Stand, and Ignitum Today and has been published at Catholic Lane and Catholic Exchange. She spent a year running around to several homes helping with homeschooling — tutoring algebra and high school writing, chasing around a two-year-old. Before that, she reported and photographed for The St. Ignace News in northern Michigan, covering the local city council and writing features.

A Hillsdale College grad and Michigan native, she lives in Virginia with her husband, Luke. She tries to blog at The Earth and the EtherFollow her on Twitter @MaryCTillotson.