Stay-at-Home Executive: Developing Entrepreneurship Among SAHMs

The days of stay at home moms might soon be over with a recent report showing that a majority of women contributed significantly to household earnings in 2015. Around 64.4% of American moms are wage earners based on the Center for American Progress Report. Mothers who support families financially are on the rise with 42% of moms bringing home the bacon alone, and 22.3% providing at least a quarter of the household income, the same report stated.

Barriers to Finding Jobs

Note that many moms still choose to stay at home after childbirth, a decision that’s based on the desire to be the main nurturers and caregivers of kids.  What is interesting to note is there are several reasons why a woman may opt out of gainful employment. Some may find the soaring costs of childcare a deterrent for getting a job outside of the home while others just cannot find work.

Another major reason moms stay at home is that paid maternity leave is sadly lacking, leaving them outside of the workforce. Work flexibility is also not available for moms and the dearth of a universal family/medical/sick leave is a disincentive for women. Employers can still take off a day’s wages if an employee misses work to care for a sick child.

Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

Staying at home is an opportunity for moms to tap their entrepreneurial skills. A homeworking business might be an ideal option for SAHMs who need to bring in additional income to the household. Kaufman Foundation Research shows that women make awesome entrepreneurs. The benefits of working from home are numerous with flexibility as the main advantage. Working around a schedule is easy especially if moms still have household responsibilities in addition to childcare.

Finding the right business idea, however, is the challenging part of it. That said, there are several leads that stay at home parents can follow. The key is to find a business that fits lifestyles as a working and stay at home mom. For talented mothers, selling crafts is an option. From jewelries to decorative pillows, there are marketplaces that can be used from Amazon to Etsy without setting up personal websites for the non-techies. What is important is to find a unique product and use an online platform for the marketing aspect.

Creativity is essential too, whether selling old things, making something new or marketing skills and competencies. What is true is that there are opportunities in every situation and working remotely might just work to the advantage of stay at home moms who want to keep the best of both worlds.

Jenny Holt

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